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07 Mar, 2009

Unofficial Winds Down

Posted by: Parker In: College Life

It’s been a crazy day – to say the least. The earliest I heared someone got up was 6:00am, and as of now, 1am, they are still out. Craziness I say. Anyway, while meandering around campus I found myself quite amused by the drunkeness. I personally witnessed a girl get forcefully chased down and grabbed […]

06 Mar, 2009

Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day Insanity

Posted by: Parker In: College Life

As promised, I’m giving you the mid-day update of the University of Illinois’ Unofficial St. Patrick’s day. I had my first class at 9am; however, I was abruptly awoken at 7:30am by drunk friends / roommate. Keep in mind, it’s 7:30am! Usually at 8:40am, when I leave for my first class on Fridays the campus […]