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Personal Experience Inventory Guide

The Guide

I am not stating this guide is the know all, end all for creating a personal inventory. However, it may help those struggling to make sense of their accomplishments.

  1. Make a quick list of sports and/or activities you have participated or are participating in.
    • Include any significant time commitment you have ever devoted yourself to. This may even include baby sitting, boy/girl scouts, and any other hobbies you may have. We are not only looking for only “organized” activities. No more than 10 – 15 are needed.
  2. Of everything you have listed (hopefully you have at least 5-7), rank, in descending order (most important at top), the ones you feel had (has) the greatest impact on you. This impact may come in the form of social skills, or any other personal development you feel is important.
  3. Again, rank (in descending order) the list you made in #1. However, this time I want you to analyse the ones that you enjoyed the most.
  4. Number your two new lists (one of importance, the other enjoyment) in ascending order. For example, your most influential activity would be at the top of your list, and rated a 1. The same applies to the enjoyment list.
    • You should now have two ranked lists. Both should start at 1 and increase in magnitude.
  5. For each experience, sum its rankings on the two lists.
    • You now have a list of all your original experiences, with corresponding numbers.
  6. Almost complete, bear with me! Now organize your list so that your lowest scored experience is on top.
  7. Finally, you are now armed with a small list of ranked experiences in ascending order (so that the smallest number is on top)!

Ok Parker, I Just Spent 5 Minutes On That List!

Fantastic! Now time to explain what this list means to you and your college selection process!

The experience listed at the top (lowest number) is your most important and influential of the lot.

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