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19 Apr, 2008

College Majors Up To Bat

Posted by: Parker In: College Selection

Welcome Stumblers To all you fellow StumbleUpon users, welcome! I am also a Stumbler (who somehow found the time to write this rather lengthy post and break from Stumbling around!) under the alias of generals10. Feel free to add me to your friends network! What Major is Right For Me? This question is the absolute […]

17 Apr, 2008

The College Search Goes On

Posted by: Parker In: College Selection

Size Does Matter When reviewing prospective colleges, always research how many undergraduate students attend the institution. A smaller enrollment often equates to more one on one attention with professors and teaching assistants (TAs). Also, a smaller institution (under about 10,000 undergrads) usually means that less TAs will be used in the education process. Many colleges […]