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15 Apr, 2008

Narrowing Your Focus

Posted by: Parker In: College Selection

Who Am I?

At first glance, this question appears to have a fairly straightforward answer. I am (fill in your favorite adjective or noun here).

However, with the great diversity of modern society, anyone’s answer could be extraordinarily different from another person’s answer. In a globalized society, we all have different strengths and weaknesses we bring to the table.

Perhaps you are sitting atop your school’s social hierarchy as the captain of the cheer squad, or the quarterback of your state champion football team. Or maybe you are the shy one on the math or science team (I was on the science team!) who associates mostly with a tight-knit group of friends.

Parker, I am really not sure where I stand. Can you offer any assistance?

Sure, if you have having difficulty deciding where you stand, please refer to my Personal Experience Inventory Guide. If you would rather not go through a step by step process, simply think of a few activities you enjoyed participating in and learned from.

We will use the activities you just thought up, or the ones you discovered most influential to you from the guide in order to learn a bit about yourself.

If the experience you chose is a career oriented activity such as a science, business, or math club, you may want to consider that as a possible college concentration or major.

If it is something such as a sport or hobby, you may want to ponder what it means to your development, and keep this in the back of your mind for such things as a college admission essay!

No matter what your chosen activity is, it tells something about you. Referring to my previous example, if you found your passion to be football, you may be determined and hard working. If you decided baby sitting was your thing, you may be compassionate, caring, devoted, and responsible.

What about you, Parker?

Why thank you for asking!

In a very, very short personality profile, I consider myself to be an achiever, a believer, a free thinker, a leader, and an entrepreneur, to name a few. I also consider myself polite, reserved, cautious, responsible, and I have a mild case of perfectionism.

I would love to hear who you are! Please leave a comment or send me an email giving a short explanation of who you are, or any questions you may have!

Quick Recap

So you now have a general outline of yourself that you derived from the section above, and you have a very rough idea of what you ultimately want out of a college (determined from my previous post.)

So What?

You now have an unofficial inventory of your personality, aspiration(s), and current standing as an individual.

Stick around for the next post to find out how to finally apply all this to the college selection process!

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