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11 May, 2008

The SAT – An Overview

Posted by: Parker In: Admissions

SAT Introduction The SAT is becoming more and more like the ACT in regards to style and question variety. In 2005, the University of California’s president stated that the SAT should be abolished as an admissions requirement. This threat sent the CollegeBoard into panic mode, which ultimately led to the complete restructuring of the SAT. […]

09 May, 2008

More Testing – ACT & SAT

Posted by: Parker In: Admissions

Parker vs. Standardized Testing I loathe standardized testing. In reflection on my experiences as a test taker, I reaffirmed the notion that standardized testing is nearly worthless. Standardized testing such as the ACT and SAT are becoming continually less valued by institutions in their admissions process. Amen; schools are finally waking up and noticing that […]