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06 Mar, 2009

University of Illinois Exclusive Party Life

Posted by: Parker In: College Life

You’re going to get an exclusive look into a UoI Urbana – Champaign tradition: “Unofficial” St. Patrick’s day. The long and short of this st patricks daycompletely unsanctioned “holiday” is that thousands of students get up as early as 6am, begin their drinking rampage, go to class, and drink until they pass out.

Over the last few years of this unruly celebration, students have been caught in class with handles, fifths, 40’s, you name it. The recreation center becomes a dangerous place to be, and cops crawl every inch of the campus. It’s getting so out of control that even the Chicago Trib is reporting on unofficial.

Google “unofficial st Patrick’s day” and you’ll see UoI results everywhere.

At my dorm, bag searches began today (the day before Unofficial), and surprisingly (or not?) a handful of students got caught attempting to smuggle in alcohol. All I have to say is that I hope they enjoy their community service and another other repercussions of their actions.

The “more intelligebeernt ones” are planning to party at nearby apartments and other non-University affiliate residences.

In just 7 or so hours the craziness will begin, and I’ll keep you updated on the interesting highlights throughout the day.

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