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10 Apr, 2008

Warm Welcome

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About Me and My Goal

Hello all!

Welcome to the College Student Blog!

My name is Parker Jendrycki, and I will be here to guide and assist you through the mystifying waters of college selection, admissions, costs, and everyday life. As you tread across the river of the pre-college process (as defined above), you will undoubtedly experience moments in which you feel that you can’t keep your head above water. However, don’t fret! Its very common to feel overwhelmed, confused, and lost throughout your journey.

Let Me Help

As your guide through this process, I am here to help! My goal is that my daily postings, comment responses, and personal contact will make your trip easier and more enjoyable. As to reinforce my previous sentence, I greatly encourage contact with me! Please comment on my posts with any feedback and/or questions you may have for me. If your question is more personal, or you prefer to contact me by email, please do so.

Your Time and Patience Is Appreciated

I will soon have a RSS feed active so that you can elect to have my posts sent to you through email or your favorite RSS reader. It goes without saying that this site is still in its infant stage, and as so, please let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement.

I greatly appreciate your time and energy in visiting my site. As always, please contact me with any comments, questions, or feedback! As I continue my daily updating, please stop by get your daily dosage of college information at the College Student Blog!

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