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11 Apr, 2008

Wealth of Knowledge

Posted by: Parker In: College Selection

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The College Selection Series

As with many of the topics I will discuss on this blog, large subjects such as college selection will be divided into several posts, collectively called a series. These series will provide a healthy amount of information about their topic, but will not cover absolute depth on any given area. I will be happy to discuss the topic in further detail if requested via comments and/or email contact with me. If I receive no requests, I plan to eventually revisit and elaborate on these broader areas later.

Sorry if I bored you with the administrative jaron, I will continue to keep that limited to essential information! I know many of you are probably thinking, “onto it already Parker!” so here we go!

Information Gathering

  • Check out your mail!

You will be astonished when your mailbox (and email inbox!) is stuffed full of college recruitment messages, college fair invites, college test (PSAT, ACT, SAT) information, and anything else you can dream of relating to your college plans.

Stop! Before you discard most of this mail as simply trash:

    • Take note (even just mental) of the differences in what each college is offering you.
    • If you find something that peaks your interest, keep the information they sent you and request more! Nowadays, every college has a website you can access to request more snail mail or online info, a visit (more on this later in the series), and the ability to speak with an admissions counselor or current student.
      • Create, at minimum, one folder to keep the information you obtain in for future reference and/or comparison. Personally, I recommend one folder per institution you are seriously considering it.
    • When you spot mail regarding a standardized test, read it carefully! Especially with much of the standardized test process is done online, be aware that any snail mail will be of importance. Act accordingly and quickly in response to their requests. Even the slightest delay in reaction time can translate into long drive for you if all your local testing centers become full!
  • Stay positive!

If you were hoping or expecting to get mail from a certain institution and havn’t recieved any, simply go to their website and request information.

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