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13 Apr, 2008

What Are You Looking For?

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Self Reflection

As I look back on the previous posts, I have mentally determined that this post should have been the first “real” post of this blog. Self reflection and evaluation is truly very important in all aspects of life, not solely in the world of academia.

What Are You Really Looking For?

I am interested in what you are looking to get out of a college education! Is it that you’re planning to attend because you have a dream of being a veterinarian, or perhaps you simply want to continue in the education sector as a teacher? Or maybe you are involved in a lucrative family business which you plan to take over in a couple years?

  • If anyone feels inclinded, I would love to read and respond to some answers to the question I posed above: What are you really looking to get from your college experience?

These types of questions are very important to answer before you begin to look at institutions you may be interested in. However, do not think I believe that every student has their education path and career set in stone. Heck, I am not even 100% sure of what I want to concentrate my studies in and I am already finishing up my freshman year!

That said, you still want to stay on the four year program! Unless you are pursuing a five year MBA, law degree, or another specialized program, save yourself money and time by finishing up your undergraduate program in a healthy four years.

An idea which I wish to introduce and stress early in this blog’s days is that you should want to go to college! You would be surprised how many students only go to college because it is expected of them by friends and family.

If this is you, think of such things as online schooling, trade schools, military service, or simply jump into the workforce! You can always decide to give higher education a try at a later date, and earning some money early in life never hurt anybody.

Be a Realist

Although I greatly applaud and encourge everyone to “reach for the stars,” one must be realistic in what they expect from a school. Will a college education guarantee you a high paying job, great spouse, and wonderful children? Sadly, no.

Additionally, males can no longer use college as a reason for exemption from selective service should a draft be reinstated.

That said, statistics show that college students make over $800,000 more in their lifetime than do non-grads. I believe it is also important to mention the intangibles that you will also receive from a college education. Especially with the new general education requirements that many schools are adopting, you will have a diverse and well grounded base in which to build on.

Expect the Best

Look forward to your college days! Yes, the workload is heavy (depending on courseload and your institution), but college is also a great deal of fun.

Socially, you will form many friendships, some of which you will keep for the rest of your life! You may also be fortunate enough to be one of the increasing number of people meeting their spouse while attending school.

Economically, as I mentioned above, college graduates earn, on average, $800,000 more than do non-graduates over a lifetime in the workforce.

Personally, you will develop a relatively large knowledge base in which to become a more “well rounded” and socially beneficial participant of society.

This list could go on forever, but I will limit it to the three main categories above. I will elaborate on these in future posts.

What should I do now?

In the next post, I will discuss how to use your self reflective answer as a filter to start narrowing in on the school that is right for you!

Also, feel encouraged to leave on comment either answering my question above, or stating anything else revelent you have to say!

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